Press release 26th of August, 2015.

Amsterdam (NL), 26 August 2015 – The Stichting Preferred Shares Mylan has taken notice of Teva’s public announcement of 27 July 2015 that it has withdrawn its proposal to acquire all of the outstanding ordinary shares of Mylan and that it does not intend to continue to pursue a transaction with Mylan at this time. Further, the Stichting has taken notice of Teva’s public announcement of 25 August 2015 that it will refrain from attending or voting at the Mylan extraordinary general meeting scheduled for 28 August 2015. In view of these developments, the Stichting will not use its voting rights on its shares to create a level playing field at the Mylan shareholder meeting scheduled for 28 August 2015.

pdf_iconStichting Preferred Shares Mylan will not use voting rights

Press release 23th of July, 2015.

Amsterdam (NL), 23 July 2015 – The Stichting Preferred Shares Mylan has formed its independent judgment that Mylan N.V.’s best interests and those of its broader stakeholder constituencies are at risk as a consequence of the uncertainty and threats associated with a possible takeover of Mylan by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. The Stichting has come to this conclusion on the basis of the hostile character of Teva’s approach, as well as an extensive review of public filings, press statements and investor presentations by both Teva and Mylan, and input received from numerous industry experts, suppliers, customers, consumer groups, patient associations, NGOs and similar Mylan stakeholder groups.

pdf_iconStichting Preferred Shares Mylan exercises call option

Press release 4th of June, 2015.

Amsterdam (NL), 4 June 2015 – Stichting Preferred Shares Mylan learned of the recent acquisition by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. of approximately 1.82% of the shares in Mylan N.V. and Teva’s intention to acquire additional shares in Mylan. The Stichting expresses its concern about Teva’s intentions related to this (intended) acquisition, among others in light of the Mylan shareholders’ meeting to obtain shareholder approval for its transaction with Perrigo Company plc, which Mylan announced will be held early in the third quarter of this year.

pdf_iconStichting Preferred Shares Mylan expresses concern

pdf_iconStichting Preferred Shares Mylan spreekt zorg uit

Press release 4th of May, 2015.

Amsterdam (NL), 4 May 2015 – Stichting Preferred Shares Mylan, an independent foundation established in Amsterdam, today announced that it has taken note of the developments in recent weeks relating to Mylan NV. The Stichting will continue to monitor developments closely in light of the purpose of the Stichting as set out in its Articles of Association.

pdf_iconStichting Preferred Shares Mylan closely following developments relating to Mylan NV

pdf_iconStichting Preferred Shares Mylan volgt situatie rond Mylan op de voet